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I [HEART] BULLIES is a documentary project that examines the roots of aggressive and dominant behaviour in children, and the labels of shame and guilt we place upon the young people who exude them. It asks difficult questions about our family and institutional systems - how we raise our children and nurture their development. And in doing so it shakes our very understanding of what is right and wrong - good and bad - just and unjust.

Using empathy as our navigator, this project seeks to understand the developmental needs of children and the results that occur when these needs go unmet. We will explore the similarities - not just the differences - between bullies and their victims, and how they are often the same child. We will examine the lenses through which we see behavioural problems in children, and how these lenses shield our own vulnerabilities, and cloud our understanding and efforts to address the problem.

This project involves a feature-length documentary film, a series of web-videos, and a webpage that serves as a repository of compelling information, insight and story. They collectively serve to provide parents, educators and care-givers with a deeper understanding of the developmental needs of children, and insight on how to un-ravel the bullying dynamic.


I HEART] BULLIES has a pilot episode for a web series which is supported by Telus Storyhive. To learn more about Storyhive or the web series, click below.


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